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About SportsArchive

Founded in 2021, SportsArchive is a website dedicated to archiving and preserving all things sports. Too often, teams and leagues are so focused on what's next that they don't preserve a history of what's past, or if they do, they don't make it easily accessible to the public. The goal of SportsArchive is to hold on to that history and make it easily browsable for all.

SportsArchive is run by Hayden Schiff. You can read more about Hayden on his personal website.



The code that powers SportsArchive is free and open source software available under the MIT License. You can find it on GitHub. Credits and more license details can be found in the repository's readme.

The to-do list for this project is managed on Trello.

SportsArchive takes a lot of my time and has some server costs. If you'd like to support the project, you can toss a few bucks my way via PayPal.


SportsArchive has a very basic JSON API. Please be warned: this API is very unstable and may change at any time. Click here to view the documentation.